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Dr. Jana Cason is a professor in the Auerbach School of Occupational Therapy at Spalding University, founder and CEO of TelehealthShare LLC, and a pediatric occupational therapist. She is a Fellow of the American Occupational Therapy Association with past leadership positions within AOTA and the American Telemedicine Association. Dr. Cason co-authored numerous telehealth standards and guidelines, book chapters, monographs, and articles and is widely cited by authors across disciplines. Dr. Cason serves as Senior Associate Editor of the International Journal of Telerehabilitation, an open access, peer-reviewed, PubMed indexed journal.

Jana Cason, DHSc, OTR/L, FAOTA

TelehealthShare CEO & Director of Professional Development

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain 2 reasons telehealth aligns well with early intervention services (IDEA Part C).
  2. Identify 3 key resources to support best practices when using telehealth to deliver early intervention services.
  3. Identify 3 assessments and 3 interventions that can be used with a telehealth service delivery model.
  4. Describe 2 benefits and 2 challenges associated with the implementation of telehealth in early intervention programs.

Course Agenda

Content to be Covered
Telehealth-related definitions
Key telehealth resources
Role of telehealth in improving outcomes on Office of Special Education (OSEP) indicators
Telehealth technology (e.g., hardware, software, devices, videoconferencing platforms, and key features within platforms)
Strategies for technical instruction for families prior to the use of telehealth
Existing training materials, including sample informed consent, for families, providers, and administrators
General assessment via telehealth (including publisher portals and specific interdisciplinary norm-referenced and criterion referenced developmental assessments amendable to telehealth)
45-65 Interventions via telehealth targeting the 5 developmental areas (motor, cognitive, self-care, social and emotional, and communication)
Overview of the caregiver coaching process
Tips and tricks for planning and implementing telehealth in early intervention services
100-105 Considerations for billing and documentation of early intervention services via telehealth
105-110 Benefits and challenges of telehealth for early intervention services
110-115 Advocacy needs related to telehealth in early intervention (e.g., reimbursement, interstate licensure compact)
115-120 Areas for future research aligned with early intervention/telehealth.
Total: 120 min.

Target Audience

Occupational Therapy Practitioners, Physical Therapy Practitioners, Speech-Language Pathologists

  • How many contact hours/CEU has this course been approved?

    This Distance Learning - Independent course has been approved for 2 contact hour/0.2 CEU by the American Occupational Therapy Association (Course ID# 00483)

  • What is the educational level of this course?

    This on-demand course is introductory level. The information is geared to practitioners with little or no knowledge of the subject matter.

  • What is the approved course category?

    This course is approved for the category OT Service Delivery.

Continuing Education Information

This course has been approved for 2 contact hours/0.2 CEU by the American Occupational Therapy Association (Course ID# 00483).

Instructional Methods

Live Webinars include presenter and participant interaction. Multimedia formats are used during instruction including a live video feed of instructor, PowerPoint, supplemental videos, interactive polls, and/or chat discussion.

On-demand courses include video and audio recordings of live webinars with multimedia formats described above.

Assessment of Learning Outcomes

Learner outcomes are assessed through the CE post-test for live, on-demand, and self-paced learning modules. Post-test questions are based on learning outcomes listed in the course descriptions. 

Course Completion Requirements